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The Blue Pearl

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September 15, 2016
The Blue Pearl

Owner: Ivan – Bavaria, Germany

Bikes Name: The Blue Pearl

Motor:1964 Harley Davidson Panhead  96″ cci

Frame: 1948 HD

Forks: Narrowed 2″ and shortend 2″ springer

Tranny: Cleaned and shaved early shovel (polished) w/ a jockeytop

Carb: Chromed Bendix/Zenith

Mag: Morris

Wheels: Front – highshoulder 21″ Borrani w/ a Firestone 21×2.75
Rear – highshoulder 18″ Akront  w/ a Cocker 18 x4.00

Gastank: narrowed old Paughco tank

Oiltank: Stock horseshoe

Seat: Homebuilt king and queen in diamond pattern

Bars: Homebuilt narrowed dragbar  w/ LeBeeF Built toptree riser

Pipes: Built by Jeremiah at Love Cycle w/ hidden mounts built by me

Fender: Old Wassel ribbed fender

Sissy: LeBeeF Built

Lights: Two old chevy backup lights

Paint: by Tom Toxic white pearl with Blue fadeaway flames

Everybody ask me if I can ride it so low, yes I do and it’s really comfortable to ride.  I have a finned brake drum in the back…