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Gus's Black Panhead

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August 29, 2016
Gus's Black Panhead

Owner: Gus – Jokers MF, Sweden –

Motor: 1948 Harley Davidson Panhead

Frame: 1938 Knucklehead with some rake

Forks: Harley 45 springer extended 2″

Wheels: 21 aluminun Akront with Avon Speedmaster in front and 18 sportster aluminum with Firsetone Deluxe 4.00-18 in rear

Carb: Linkert M74B


Pipes: Upsweeps

Handlebars: Apes

Grips: Hydraglides

Sissybar: Made by me

Lights: Bates in front, unknown in rear

Others: Hummer gas tank and fender. 1955 Harley trumpet horn.

Found the tank with that goofy paint at a swap meet and started gathering parts around that. Used what I had laying around and and found on swap meets in the States and Sweden. I painted the frame with a brush to match the tank. Bike looks so low and compact because of the rake of the frame and that the frame has been jacked apart to be able to take the Panhead engine. Had to bash the rear valve cover to get the motor in the frame. Measured the garage door and made the sissy 4 inches shorter.