KKF/Tower Show 2016

LeBeeF's Triumph Tower Show Bike

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September 25, 2016
LeBeeF's Triumph Tower Show Bike

Motor: 1954 Triumph Tiger 100 with 1969 Triumph Bonneville crank and 1969 Bonneville head.

Frame: 1954 triumph

Forks: 50’s Triumph with MCM covers

Tranny: 1958 Triumph Tiger 4 speed w BNR dry clutch and belt drive

Carb:Amal (x2)

Wheels: Akront

Gastank: Paughco  built into the body w/ fender and seat

Oiltank: LeBeeF

Seat: cover by Gubhilds Läder

Bars: Norton Flattrack

Risers: Integrated w/ triple tree

Grips: IK Works type 3

Pipes: LeBeeF

Fender: Old Wassel ribbed fender

Lights:Front 4″ spotlight,  Rear part of body w/ LED