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Calle's 48 Panhead

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January 13, 2017
Calle's 48 Panhead

Calle’s 1948 Panhead

The frame is an original 1948 with an original offset springer. The engine is also 48 but with 4 3/4 stroke and Leineweber L51 cam shaft and a double linkert M74B carb setup on a homemade intake. Flander bar and risers. The gas tank is original 48-50 that I did narrow to look like the old wr gas tanks. The seat is made of an original seat bottom but narrowed and with a new dress. The wheels are 18″ in the back and 19″ in the front. The exhaust is home made as well and is a copy of the one that was on Harley’s racer called the wlr.  Paint job is also inspired from that bike. Krantz did the paint job and Blaster the pinstriping.

Calle/Sinners Sweden