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Fredrik's 1939 Knucklehead

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January 6, 2017
Fredrik's 1939 Knucklehead

Year & Model: 1939 EL

Motor: Knucklehead  61″ (1000cc) 4-fin barrels – small port heads – Leineweber cam

Gearbox: Original 1939 4-speed gearbox but with 1940-up gears (N between 1 and 2, not N between 2 and 3)

Everything is original 1939 parts: Gastanks, Oiltank, Frame, Fork, Wheels (18″)

Hollywood handlebars with original white grips

Comiskey windshield

Seat (no vent holes)

Original front and rear lamps

Narrow brace fenders

Original front fender lamp and so on ….

Repro rear exhaust muffler (original type) otherwise original exhaust pipes.