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Milo's 1942 WLA

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January 13, 2017
Milo's 1942 WLA

Make:  Harley Davidson

Year & Model:  1942 WLA

Motor:  Stock 45″ flathead, with shaved heads so they’re actually flat, and a magneto.

Gearbox:  Stock 45″ 3 speed

Frame:  Stock 45″, strong and old

Wheels:  21″ Borrani front w/ old jap twin leading shoe brake / 19″ Borrani rear w/ stock hub & brake

Tires: 19″ grasshopper, 21″ grasshopper (made in England).

Carb:  Stock M88

Gas Tank:  Wassell  w/custom tunnel so it slips around the seat frame bracket

Oil Tank:  Cut up horseshoe

Seat:  Bates racing

Handlebars:  Renthal 7/8″ trials bar

Risers:  Early Sportster

Grips:  Motocross!

Lights:  None

Paint:  Birch white, aka Widow white, aka dirty cocaine white.  Hand painted with a paintbrush.

My brother Renshaw sold (gave) me boxes of rusty parts and I built this bike with under the mentorship of Tony Bairstow.  Over the last 7 years I have regularly hill-climbed it, flat-tracked it, ridden London traffic, crashed in the mud, in the rain, in the snow, and on top of the hill on top of my brother.  It’s my bike and I love it!