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Angry Martin’s 48 Chief

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June 8, 2018
Angry Martin’s 48 Chief

Make: Indian

Model: Chief

Year: 1948

Engine (year & any specifics) – 47. 74” Stock

Gearbox: 3 Speed Stock, King Clutch

Frame: Original Indian Chief 48

Forks: Original Indian Chief 46

Wheels: Original. 16” rear and 18” Front

Tires: Allstate Safety Tread

Carb: Linkert M344

Gas tank: Indian Chief 48 (Repro)

Oil tank: N/A

Seat: Indian Chief (Repro)

Pipes: Original, Shortened

Handlebars: Stelling and Hellings copy by VEE Choppers. Chopped up and fitted with the Indian fittings.  

Risers: Original 46 Indian Chief

Grips: Indian Chief (repro)

Lights: Original Sparto rear. Headlight from an old tractor

Paint: Croker inspired custom job by me.

Rear fender: Old crusty (but original fender) I bought and chopped to pieces…

Found the bike on Instagram. It was located in upstate NY and I didn’t have a clue who the seller was so I ended up flying over to pick it up. Rented a van in Brooklyn and drove up to Rochester to pick it up. Had a great time up there with the guy selling it. It turned out Brooklyn Invitational was the same week and that a whole bunch of the lads were going so had an awesome time there. It was far from original so I saw it as a once off chance to go nuts without ruining an original bike. Got it home to Denmark November 2016 so this year, 2017 was my first year on the bike. Rode all around Europe this summer and clocked a good 10000 km’s on it. Very much in love with it:)


Martin Bresciani