Olav's Racer

Posted on 
May 11, 2018
Olav's Racer

Name: Olav

From: Zulu

Club: War & Racing

Mod/Make: 42, WLA. Registered as 47 Wl..

Motor: Stroked, WLDR Cams, Big valves (from Fordson tracktor), relieved, ported, M51 Linkert, shaved top heads, magneto, squirt oiled pistons from underneeth.

Gearbox: Stock WLA

Frame: Stock WLA

Forks: Stock WLA

Wheels: 18″ on starhubs

Carb: M51

Gastanks: Splitted BSA Bantam

Oiltank: Made of a cannonshell

Seat: Made of aluminium

Pipes: Dont save lifes

Handlebars: Shortened and tilted, springer original something

Risers: No

Grips: HD, springer

Sissybar: Homemade

Lights: No

Paint: No/original

Name: Prinz Granitt ||

Fender: 40s British

Built the tanks on a 51 Panhead, sold the bike. Missed the tanks.. Found the for bike rebuilt and for sale on a swap a year later, asked seller about the tanks, and yes! He picked them up from the back of his car and sold them to me for coins. (Funny to me at least)

I love to do burnouts.

Peeked 127 km/h on ice (7mm dub tires).

Raced: Yes

Used on street: Yes