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The Eliminator

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August 17, 2018
The Eliminator

Make: Harley Davidson

Model: FXS

Year: 1979

Engine : Harley Davidson FXS lower end with S&S performance cams. S&S high compression kit with stroker flywheel and 88″ dual plugged pistons.

Gearbox: stock Fxs 1979 transmission

Frame: front section Fxs 1979, rear swingarm 1966 flh with one off, hidden custom disc caliper mount.

Forks: 41mm AEE triple trees with extra long Barney Benson slim profile lower legs

Wheels: Rear Akront alluminium

Carb: S&S dual throat

Gas tank: gas tank and body unit from Fiberglas Works, later known as Tracy & Friends. Ultra rare body unit made entirely from fiberglass.

Oil tank: stock lunchbox

Oil cooler: Custom

Seat: Original Fiberglas Works

Pipes: custom built 2 in 1, ceramic coated RBS LSR series.

Handlebars: 1″ drag bars, mounting 7/8 Tomasselli Superpractic chain throttle

Grips: IK works Japan

Paint: original survivor 1970s black paint over silver metal flake Fiberglas Works base.

Name of the bike: The Eliminator

I built this bike inside a council garage with no lights no electricity. Borrowed a portable generator from a friend. The machining, welding and fabrication work was carried at the Blackhorse Workshop in London. A beautiful open space workshop with metal work facilities.