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Oli's 1948 EL Panhead

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February 17, 2017
Oli's 1948 EL Panhead

Make: Harley F’kn Davidson

Year & Model: 1948 EL Panhead

Motor: 48 original

Gearbox: 48 original

Frame: 48 original

Forks: 48 original

Wheels:  16″

Tires: Firestoned/Avon

Carb: Linkert M35

Gas Tank: 48 original

Oil Tank: 48 original

Seat: police solo with tail-gunner lights

Pipes: Original

Handlebars: Hellings

Risers: Flanders

Lights: Us car

Paint: Flight red faded with lots ‘o patina

This 48 EL panhead is all original, like I found it, after sitting 40 years in a roofless warehouse. Rebuilt everything while keeping all it’s glorious patina. Inside it’s new. And it runs like hell!

I bought this bike from the First owner’s son. His dad was a Belgian citizen, taken prisoner by the german troops and liberated by the American souldiers in ’44. He emigrated with them to the US. Bought the bike new in 48 and took it back to Belgium in 49. Funny detail, customers service tax label is still on the bike today. He rode it until the early seventies, than gave it to his son who was going to restore it, which he luckyly never did. It took me 5 years to buy it from him. the Bike was in pieces but complete. A 48 Pan is pretty rare, a 48 EL even more, not to talk about original paint 48’s. And a barn find original paint 48EL here in Belgium is an absolutely rarity. I was lucky to find it and a long time dream came true. Keep on searching for those treasures, cause they’re out there, somewhere…..