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Martin's 49 "White Lighting" Pan

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March 4, 2018
Martin's 49 "White Lighting" Pan

Engine: 1949 panhead FL

4 1/2 inch stroke leineweber L3 cam shovel intake valves pan ex. 1937 knuckle camcover.

Trans: 1949 panhead with rickrack lid

Frame: 1949 panhead chromed in the 60s.

Fork: 1935 Harley VL

Wheels: 1943 starhub and rim 18 inch rear. Stepped starhub and 21 inch rim front.

Carb: chromed Linkert m74b

Gastank: swedish Fram moped gastank.

Oiltank: 1938 knucklehead

Seat: old bates

Pipes: superior

Bars: Old z-bar.

Risers: dogbones Flanders

Grips: Becks

Sissybar: early le beef

Frontlight: 1964 Pontiac grand prix foglight.

rear: Nash 1926.

Bikes name: White Lightning.

Built with old chrome parts collected over 4 years.  A tribute to all the mid 60s show choppers. When chrome was cheap.

/Martin Flink