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Eat Dust Keith's 80' FXE

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February 28, 2018
Eat Dust Keith's 80' FXE

Make : HD

Engine: 8o FXE

Gearbox: 80′ FXE

Frame: Early Shovel swing arm that has been hard tailed BY IRONPIT

Forks: 53′ K model with MULLINS trees

Wheels: Front 23 on MOPET hub ” back 19″ on a star spool hub .

Carb: SU

Gas tank: Nova Belgian Mopet

Oil tank  Horse Shoe

Seat: FOAM

Pipes: 2 in One

Handlebars:custom made to my design by Ironpit

Risers: none

Grips: Tape

Sissybar: none

Lights: Bosh

Paint: El Cheapo 25.000 euro patina

Any other specs not mentioned above :

This bike has seen many different forms and has been made possible because of the help of all my talented builder friends !

None of this would be without the help of ; Dave , Jelle at The Chopper Barn , Ronnie & Rennee at the Ironpit and Cheapo  & MB Leathers .


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