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Jon’s Supercharged WLC

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November 14, 2018
Jon’s Supercharged WLC

Make: harley

Model: wlc

Year: 1942

Engine: supercharged 45″ 4 5/8″ stroke

Ludicrus cams

Gearbox: stock with speedyshift

Frame: stock

Forks: stock

Wheels: 21″ avon 15″ hoosier drag slick

Carb: Su hs6

Gas tank: hand made alutank

Oil tank” hand made alutank

Seat: bates

Pipes: megaphones

Handlebars: bordtrack bar by owner

Risers: yes

Grips: tar tape from sheepfarming industry

Sissybar: no

Lights: bicycle lamp

Paint: no

Ignition: hunt magneto with john deere distributor cap and dual spark heads

Rear fender: ford 35 spare tire ring

Boostgauge from ancaster bomberplane.

And the list goes on…