Flanders Chopper Bash 2016

James’s 49 EL “The Mint Julip”

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December 7, 2018
James’s 49 EL “The Mint Julip”

Make Harley Davidson

Model EL

Year 1949

Engine: stroked Pan/Shovel

Gearbox: 4spd knucklehead gearbox

Frame: straight leg pan frame

Forks: evo  XL with lowbrow lowers

Wheels:  star juice rear, spoil front with Ali rims

Tires: diamond rear, Avon front

Carb: S&S super E shorty

Gas tank: narrowed spined peanut

Oil tank: horseshoe

Seat: white diamond

Pipes: loud and high

Handlebars: simple with internal throttle

Risers: biltwell

Grips: dirty old coke bottles

Lights: pioneer front/ after hours rear

Paint: biff custom Colorado

Any other specs not mentioned above: stroked, choked and moves like shit off a shovel when provoked ?

The Mint Julip, built by biff, imported by Tarquin, tweaked and finished by james ? the usual drunk/ hung over riding repeat , T boned by shit driver January 16, back on the road stronger than ever weeks later. Winner of best early shovel Flanders 2015. Fast and fun ride with cheeky stance with fresh vibe paint. Love it