Rene’s 48 Panhead

1948 Harley Davidson Wishbone frame

59 Panhead motor

51 Gearbox-Linkert Carb

VL Springer

Fender by Gasbox (customised by myself)

Customised peanut gas tank by myself

Handlebar by Markus Roch from Stuff From hell (S.F.H.)

Internal throttle by Markus Roch from S.F.H.

Custom seat by Markus Roch from S.F.H.

Classic horseshoe

Rear wheel 4.00 x 18″ Firestone Champion Deluxe

Front wheel 3.00×21″ Avon Speedmaster

Paint Wallas Garage

Rizzo’s 74 Shovel

Make: Harley

Model: Shovel

Year: 1974

Engine: stock 1200cc

Gearbox: stock

Frame: sante frame chopped up

Forks: front street cycles

Wheels: 80 spoke rear. 21″ mini drum (that does not bloody stop) front wheel

Tires: Firestone rear (done 18000ks) quite fkd now but what a bloody tire. And speed master on the front

Carb: CV

Gas tank: sporty

Oil tank: round with cracks on the the side where my open belt is. What a mess she makes. But keeps here cool, lubricated and going

Seat: King queen by the talented lad Aaron at Weird-o-pholstery

Pipes: stock standard and quite

Handlebars: front street cycles

Risers: ain’t got any

Grips: leather by Weird-o-pholstery

Lights: who needs em. Well they don’t always work. So always keep a red bike light and a torch

Paint: my bro Mik Wallmeyer at mik design

Her name is Betsy. And un like many girls out there. I can ride here a hard as I like. The high foot controls help with that. Betsy is the perfect ride for me. Can’t fault her at all

Note: Was put together with help from my homie Darren Condy at Open Road Motorcycles and an old friend Juicy

Ruiner Rizzo

Melbourne- Down under

Claes 54 Copparpannan

Make: Harley Davidson 

Model: Panhead 

Engine: 1954 with STD heads 4.1/2 stroke  3. 1/2 bore

Gearbox: Stock

Frame: modified org 2 inch stretch 38 degrees rake 

Forks:Hydra 10 inch extended and 2 inch narrow trees 

Wheels: 4,00×18 3,00 x 21


Carb: Dellorto SS1 28 mm dual

Gas tank: Peanut 

Oil tank: Stock

Seat: Bates

Pipes: homemade with superior rocket mufflers 

Handlebars: homemade inverted Texas 

Risers:hydra glide 


Sissybar: homemade 

Lights: Bates and Albin

Paint: Pobben color & custom 

Name: Copparpannan

-Claes – Sweden 

James’s 49 EL “The Mint Julip”

Make Harley Davidson

Model EL

Year 1949

Engine: stroked Pan/Shovel 

Gearbox: 4spd knucklehead gearbox

Frame: straight leg pan frame

Forks: evo  XL with lowbrow lowers

Wheels:  star juice rear, spoil front with Ali rims 

Tires: diamond rear, Avon front

Carb: S&S super E shorty

Gas tank: narrowed spined peanut 

Oil tank: horseshoe

Seat: white diamond 

Pipes: loud and high

Handlebars: simple with internal throttle 

Risers: biltwell 

Grips: dirty old coke bottles 

Lights: pioneer front/ after hours rear 

Paint: biff custom Colorado 

Any other specs not mentioned above: stroked, choked and moves like shit off a shovel when provoked ?

The Mint Julip, built by biff, imported by Tarquin, tweaked and finished by james ? the usual drunk/ hung over riding repeat , T boned by shit driver January 16, back on the road stronger than ever weeks later. Winner of best early shovel Flanders 2015. Fast and fun ride with cheeky stance with fresh vibe paint. Love it 

Jon’s Supercharged WLC

Make: harley

Model: wlc

Year: 1942

Engine: supercharged 45″ 4 5/8″ stroke

Ludicrus cams

Gearbox: stock with speedyshift

Frame: stock

Forks: stock

Wheels: 21″ avon 15″ hoosier drag slick

Carb: Su hs6

Gas tank: hand made alutank

Oil tank” hand made alutank

Seat: bates

Pipes: megaphones

Handlebars: bordtrack bar by owner

Risers: yes

Grips: tar tape from sheepfarming industry

Sissybar: no

Lights: bicycle lamp

Paint: no

Ignition: hunt magneto with john deere distributor cap and dual spark heads

Rear fender: ford 35 spare tire ring

Boostgauge from ancaster bomberplane.

And the list goes on…

DeathGrip Custom Cycles – “Purple Merkin”

Make Harley Davidson 

Model: pan head

Year: registered as a 1953

Engine:- part Harley oem with delkron drag cases Andrews cams jims crank completely polished

Gearbox:rev tech ratchet top 

Frame: oem wishbone stretched 

Forks: D&D

Wheels: rear star hub mechanical drum front twisted invader made by deathgrip custom cycles 

Carb: s&s super b

Gas tank:peanut welded to the frame 

Oil tank deathgrip custom cycles 

Seat: deathgrip custom cycles 

Pipes: deathgrip custom cycles 

Handlebars: deathgrip custom cycles 

Risers: deathgrip custom cycles 

Grips: biltwell 

Sissybar: deathgrip custom cycles 

Lights: Land Rover rear unknown front 

Paint: Matt earl 

The name of the bike is the purple merkin 

We built the bike for born free show as part of the showclass magazines people’s champ contest 

Piero’s HCES 1940 Knuckle

Piero Iavarone 

Harley Club Eastside 

EL 1940

Turin ( Italy) 

Make- Harley Davidson 

Model- EL

Year- 1940

Engine – 1940 – everything original

Gear box – original 4 speed 1940

Frame – original 1940 28 grades

Wheel- 4.50 X 18 firestone

Carb – linkert 25 M 

Gas tank – WR

Oil tank – original 

Seat – bates 

Pipes – handmade 

Handlebars- flander handmade 

Riser- dogbone

Grip- original Harley 

Sissybar – no thanks! 

Lights- Ford 40 s

Paint – repainted original black Harley

Any other specs: 

Electrical system 

Magneto hunt 

It’s a bike with an original number plate (1940) from Turin the place where I live 

I’ve been travelling all around Europe with this bike. 

The Eliminator

Make: Harley Davidson

Model: FXS 

Year: 1979

Engine : Harley Davidson FXS lower end with S&S performance cams. S&S high compression kit with stroker flywheel and 88″ dual plugged pistons.

Gearbox: stock Fxs 1979 transmission

Frame: front section Fxs 1979, rear swingarm 1966 flh with one off, hidden custom disc caliper mount.

Forks: 41mm AEE triple trees with extra long Barney Benson slim profile lower legs

Wheels: Rear Akront alluminium

Carb: S&S dual throat

Gas tank: gas tank and body unit from Fiberglas Works, later known as Tracy & Friends. Ultra rare body unit made entirely from fiberglass. 

Oil tank: stock lunchbox 

Oil cooler: Custom

Seat: Original Fiberglas Works

Pipes: custom built 2 in 1, ceramic coated RBS LSR series.

Handlebars: 1″ drag bars, mounting 7/8 Tomasselli Superpractic chain throttle

Grips: IK works Japan 

Paint: original survivor 1970s black paint over silver metal flake Fiberglas Works base.

Name of the bike: The Eliminator

I built this bike inside a council garage with no lights no electricity. Borrowed a portable generator from a friend. The machining, welding and fabrication work was carried at the Blackhorse Workshop in London. A beautiful open space workshop with metal work facilities. 


Angry Martin’s 48 Chief

Make: Indian

Model: Chief

Year: 1948

Engine (year & any specifics) – 47. 74” Stock

Gearbox: 3 Speed Stock, King Clutch

Frame: Original Indian Chief 48

Forks: Original Indian Chief 46

Wheels: Original. 16” rear and 18” Front

Tires: Allstate Safety Tread

Carb: Linkert M344

Gas tank: Indian Chief 48 (Repro)

Oil tank: N/A

Seat: Indian Chief (Repro)

Pipes: Original, Shortened

Handlebars: Stelling and Hellings copy by VEE Choppers. Chopped up and fitted with the Indian fittings.  

Risers: Original 46 Indian Chief

Grips: Indian Chief (repro)

Lights: Original Sparto rear. Headlight from an old tractor

Paint: Croker inspired custom job by me.

Rear fender: Old crusty (but original fender) I bought and chopped to pieces…


Found the bike on Instagram. It was located in upstate NY and I didn’t have a clue who the seller was so I ended up flying over to pick it up. Rented a van in Brooklyn and drove up to Rochester to pick it up. Had a great time up there with the guy selling it. It turned out Brooklyn Invitational was the same week and that a whole bunch of the lads were going so had an awesome time there. It was far from original so I saw it as a once off chance to go nuts without ruining an original bike. Got it home to Denmark November 2016 so this year, 2017 was my first year on the bike. Rode all around Europe this summer and clocked a good 10000 km’s on it. Very much in love with it:)


Martin Bresciani