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Marcus JMF "The Skunk"

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March 19, 2017
Marcus JMF "The Skunk"

Marcus’s  -The Skunk-

Make: Harley Davidson

Motor: Early Shovel 1340cc

Gearbox: original 4-speed

Frame: 55-57  Panhead stright-legged

Forks: Narrowed -49 wideglide

Wheels/Tires:16″ Borrani with Firestone ANS, 21″ aftermarket Borrani replica with Inoue 3 x 21″

Carb: S&S GBL

Gas Tank: Chromed wassel

Oil Tank: aftermarket Harley original replica

Seat: LeBeef bottom dressed with black suede, and a custom made p-pad in suede

Pipes: custom made

Lights: Bates in front, a chromed brasslight in back

Paint: a shitty paintjob by my self, and tank art by Sebastian

The name of the bike is “the skunk”!

Marcus – Jokers Motorcycle Family Sweden