KKF/Tower Show 2016

Andy "Flying Choppers" Panhead

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October 18, 2016
Andy "Flying Choppers" Panhead

Motor: Top- 1948 Panhead / Lower – 1971 Shovelhead

Forks: Flying Chopper narrowed and bent + 16″ springer

Carb: Linkert

Wheels: Front Flying Choppers spool huband 1.6″ wheel

Gastank: Swedish moped Komet

Oiltank: Modified original horse shoe

Seat: Homemade

Bars: RAbbit ears by Flying Choppers

Pipes: Modified fishtail inside frame

Lights: Old Bosch

Sissybar: by Flying Choppers

I made my company logo Flying Choppers about 15 years ago. And I made that kind of bent springer a couple years after. That fork didn’t find it’s place… There were different bike projects, but I never used it.

After almost 10 years I dug it up and put it on my own bike and finally it found it’s place.

Cheers// Andy